Geelong might be the second largest city in Victoria, but we lead the way in dynamic new careers and industries. This is great news for our regional career seekers, and all those planning to move here to take advantage of Geelong’s attractive lifestyle, education and recreation choices.

Geelong’s career opportunities are just as inviting.

What is it like to work in Careers in Caring in Geelong?
The health care and social assistance sector is the largest employer in our region, and remains its fastest growing industry.

Entry level jobs are often already skills shortages and usually don’t require an ATAR or university degree. Traineeships in health and allied health care offer you the chance to start your career and learn on the job at the same time.

Careers in Caring are a diverse choice of occupations, including highly skilled professional positions at one of our internationally recognised health facilities: Deakin University Hospital /Barwon Health, Geelong Private, St John of God and Epworth Hospitals. State of the art childcare and aged care facilities present a surprising range of professional and entry level roles in direct care and support.

Surgeons, specialist nurses and researcher roles are amongst the fastest growing professions.

Geelong’s careers in caring reflect the demands of both an aging population looking for an active and healthy retirement, and young families moving here for the unbeatable combination of lifestyle, work, education and recreation opportunities.

To gain an up to the minute guide as to what employers value in experience, training and skills, see Geelong Careers in Caring live job feed where you will find position descriptions for all kinds of roles in this engaging, fast paced and promising sector.

Aged and Disability Carers

  • Aged and Disability care Co-ordinators or Managers
  • Youth Residential Care Supervisors
  • Dietitians
  • Health Promotions Officers
  • Occupational/Recreational/Lifestyle Therapists
  • Therapy Aides

Child Carers

  • Integration Aides
  • Primary School Teachers
  • Maternal and Childcare Nurses
  • Childcare facility Management

Support and Personal Care Workers

  • Allied Health Managers
  • Aged and Disability care Co-ordinators or Managers
  • Youth Residential Care Supervisors
  • Dietitians, Health Promotions Officer
  • Occupational/Recreational/Lifestyle Therapists
  • Therapy Aides

Registered Nurses

  • Community Health
  • Midwifery
  • Maternal and Child Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Cardiac, Surgery
  • Education Management

Welfare Support Workers

  • Social Worker
  • Youth Worker
  • Registered Nurse
  • Teacher
  • Sociologist

There are an exciting range of professional roles developing as a result of the Deakin University and Gordon TAFE research and training partnerships within the caring profession in Geelong. Some of the fastest growing Careers in Caring include: Nurse educators and researchers, Specialist physicians, Health professional researchers, Medical and Dental receptionists.

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Geelong’s future is far reaching and surprising. Our top trending industries: health, education, agribusiness, logistics, ICT, advanced manufacturing, construction and hospitality continue to grow. Professional services, are also up 16.5%, administration and safety services, up 12.4%, and arts and recreation up 20%.

To be ready we have to plan. With Geelong’s population of 308,339 (2016) expected to grow by about a third again by 2031, Geelong Careers is committed to leading our region to prepare the work force we need to ensure our region continues to achieve its full potential.

Owner: Geelong Region Local Learning & Employment Network

Cover shot provided by Lynden Smith